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The Purpose of Marketing Analytics Tools The field of marketing is a very large, intense, and sometimes
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Data serves as a cloud of smoke to keep your business burning. Investing in data means you need to make sure you have the right team of experts to handle it for maximum results.
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Weekend is almost here, and I'm like... 🤖😎

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Samples of Big Data
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Big Data helps passengers save time and fuel based on their routes taken in Uber, a ridesharing company. Therefore, it's easier to make smart decisions from their experience.

When you have Big Data applied to your business, it will be easier to generate more revenue and retain your customers.
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Big data helps Netflix decide which programs and movies will interest their viewers through analytics. This is where the "recommendation system" comes in.

With Big Data, Netflix has massively become the king of the stream!

Source: Insidebigdata.com
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A List of Artificial Intelligence Movies to Watch:

Movies about Artificial Intelligence are not meant to scare away humans about the future and the AI's "world domination." Just sit back, relax, and enjoy watching!

Blade Runner
One of the most influential films ever created, this movie is about how Artificial Intelligence could merge with society to another level. How much does it take for a robot to acquire equal rights as the humans?

A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) Movie
A robot-kid was given to a grieving family to test its ability to love, wants nothing more in life than to be a real boy for his “mom”. The film launched a new era in the AI cinema with lovable robots that, somehow, cared.

WALL-E is short for "Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-class," is the last robot left on Earth, spending his days tidying up the planet and later developed a personality.

A young programmer thinks he has fallen in love with Ava, a female AI who expresses a romantic interest in him and a desire to experience the world outside.

Robot & Frank
The robot is programmed to improve Frank’s lifestyle. He began to grow emotionally attached to him and watch if the robot is also capable of returning such feelings.




Source: Adext AI
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