30 minutes • Session 3 of 6


30 minutes • $197

Transform Raw Data Into Information – Session 3 of 6

So what should we be doing with all the data we have available to us? How do we determine which data within our mountain of data is the right data to use to help us solve a problem at hand? Questions like these lead to what we call analysis paralysis. To be effective with data, we need to build a robust data inventory system. Like finding books in a library, we need a structure in place that allows us to go right to what we need when we need it. In this session, I will share with you some tips on how to structure your data so you can find things quickly and start transforming that raw data into information.


Included with this session:  a 10-page PowerPoint on Building Robust Data Inventories, a case study illustrating how Dan helped a pharmaceutical company bring order to the chaos that was their data environment and an exercise on Red Alert Key Performance Indicators.

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